Levi and Krista | Cedar Lodge Wedding

Levi and Krista’s wedding took place at the beautiful Cedar Lodge overlooking Blackstrap Lake in Dundurn, Sk.

The bride and groom had their preps at the lodge so it made it easier for us to photograph and capture many significant moments. A quick decision that morning was to move the ceremony location on a sheltered area away from the wicked wind and it worked out perfectly. We still managed to have the photographs outside and we had a great time hanging out with the entire bridal party.

We had a great group to work with so thanks to everyone involved for making it all fun.

Congratulations Levi and Krista!  We wish you both all the best in the future. 🙂

Here are some of our favorite wedding day moments.

Cedar Lodge Wedding - 01
Cedar Lodge Wedding - 02
When and how did you meet? We met in June 2008. We met at my high school graduation. One of my friends brought Levi as her escort and introduced the two of us.

Cedar Lodge Wedding - 03
What was your first impression of the other? KRISTA: I thought he was weird and I was convinced that he was trying to cheat while playing cards. LEVI: I thought Krista was awkwardly cute.

Cedar Lodge Wedding - 04
How did he propose? What was your reaction? It was a Sunday in September and we decided to drive to Wakaw to get some beer sausage and then go out to Batoche for a walk. We walked along the river and then stopped at a bench overlooking the river for a rest. It was very hot out that day. I lied down on the bench and closed my eyes for a bit and Levi was standing by the rail then finally he sat down. Now for the past year, Levi would randomly ask me if I would marry him and vice versa so I didn’t think anything of it when Levi asked me to marry him this time. I still had my eyes closed and I simply said, “mhm”. Then Levi asked me, “for real?” I opened my eyes and he was holding the ring above my head.

Cedar Lodge Wedding - 05
Tell us 3 things you like about each other? KRISTA: He cares for my safety, he plays with my hair until I fall asleep, and he calms me down when I worry. LEVI: She makes me supper when she has the day off, she comes to cuddle with me while I’m sleeping, and the random songs that she makes up.

Cedar Lodge Wedding - 06
What is the most important thing to you about your wedding day? Everything runs smoothly and everyone has fun. 

Cedar Lodge Wedding - 07
Cedar Lodge Wedding - 08
Cedar Lodge Wedding - 09
Cedar Lodge Wedding - 10
Cedar Lodge Wedding - 11
Cedar Lodge Wedding - 12
Cedar Lodge Wedding - 13
Cedar Lodge Wedding - 14
Cedar Lodge Wedding - 15
Cedar Lodge Wedding - 16
Cedar Lodge Wedding - 17
Cedar Lodge Wedding - 18
Cedar Lodge Wedding - 19
Cedar Lodge Wedding - 20
Cedar Lodge Wedding - 21
Cedar Lodge Wedding - 22
Cedar Lodge Wedding - 23
Cedar Lodge Wedding - 24
Cedar Lodge Wedding - 25
Cedar Lodge Wedding - 26
Cedar Lodge Wedding - 27
Cedar Lodge Wedding - 28
Cedar Lodge Wedding - 29
Cedar Lodge Wedding - 30
Cedar Lodge Wedding - 31
Cedar Lodge Wedding - 32
Cedar Lodge Wedding - 33
Cedar Lodge Wedding - 34
Cedar Lodge Wedding - 35
Cedar Lodge Wedding - 36
Cedar Lodge Wedding - 37
Cedar Lodge Wedding - 38
Cedar Lodge Wedding - 39
Cedar Lodge Wedding - 40
Cedar Lodge Wedding - 41
Cedar Lodge Wedding - 42
Cedar Lodge Wedding - 43
Cedar Lodge Wedding - 44
Cedar Lodge Wedding - 45


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Robert + Robyn | Saskatoon Wedding Photography

We are so happy to be part of Robert and Robyn’s wedding. These two are one of the sweetest and nicest couples we’ve met.

Robert and Robyn got married at McClure United Church where they were surrounded by their amazing family and friends. The reception followed at the German Cultural Centre a few hours after and it was an evening full of laughter and fun.

We are so grateful that we were able to document this exciting moment in your lives, Robert and Robyn!

Congratulations to you both.

Here’s a glimpse during their wedding day:

Saskatoon Weddings - 01
Saskatoon Weddings - 02
When and where did you meet? We met at Robyn’s cousins wedding while planning wedding activities. Robert was the best man and Robyn was a bridesmaid.

Saskatoon Weddings - 03
How did he propose? What was your reaction? Robert proposed on December 24, 2014 in the morning. He woke me up in the morning and asked me to marry him. I was shocked and took awhile to wake up before I realized what was happening! Then we got to share the news with ours families over the holidays.

Saskatoon Weddings - 04
Saskatoon Weddings - 05
Tell us about your 3 favorite things to do together:  Riding in the truck looking at the fields, work on our house and yard, visit with each other at the end of the day.

Saskatoon Weddings - 06
What do you think will be unique about your wedding? The large and great group of people we will have attending!

What is the most important thing to you about your wedding day? Having fun with friends and family and enjoying the day!

Saskatoon Weddings - 07
Saskatoon Weddings - 08
Saskatoon Weddings - 09
Saskatoon Weddings - 10
Saskatoon Weddings - 11
Saskatoon Weddings - 12
Saskatoon Weddings - 13
Saskatoon Weddings - 14
Saskatoon Weddings - 15
Saskatoon Weddings - 16
Saskatoon Weddings - 17
Saskatoon Weddings - 18
Saskatoon Weddings - 19
Saskatoon Weddings - 20
Saskatoon Weddings - 21
Saskatoon Weddings - 22
Saskatoon Weddings - 23
Saskatoon Weddings - 24
Saskatoon Weddings - 25
Saskatoon Weddings - 26
Saskatoon Weddings - 27
Saskatoon Weddings - 28
Saskatoon Weddings - 29
Saskatoon Weddings - 30


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