Alex + Rikki | Saskatoon Wedding Photographer

Alex and Rikki’s wedding was a day we can never forget. It was a beautiful sunny day full of love, laughter and genuine happiness. 

They are two of the most fun-loving and spontaneous couples we’ve met. We loved getting to photograph their unique personalities and truly capture the love they have for each other.

The amazing post wedding party at the Western Development Museum was a blast! Their first wedding dance medley was one of the biggest surprises for everyone. From the small details to choosing their wedding vendors, Alex and Rikki went all out and they really pulled off such a special and fabulous event. 

Congratulations, Alex and Rikki! We are so happy to get to know you both. 

Here’s a peek on what happened during their wedding:

Alex and Rikki - 01
Alex and Rikki - 02

When and how did you meet? We met in September 2009 in Toronto during orientation week of chiropractic college. On September 3rd the college put on a big ‘beach bash’ themed party. Alex was wearing a huge straw hat, a lei, beach shorts and a coconut belt. He introduced himself to me about 5 times while we were waiting for big busses to take us to the party. We didn’t start dating until about a year and a half later but we both still remembered exactly how each other looked and what we were wearing that night.

Alex and Rikki - 03
What was your first impression of the other? Rikki: I thought Alex was very fun-loving and carefree. He was also pretty good looking. Alex: I thought Rikki was full of laughter, fun and obviously beautiful.

Alex and Rikki - 04
Alex and Rikki - 05
How did he propose? Rikki: Alex and I had went to Europe one year before we got engaged. While there we went to Paris and stumbled upon the lock bridge while heading to a museum. We put a lock on the bridge, which is supposed to signify locking your love in Paris. We both loved that spot. On September 7, 2014, Alex took me to the train bridge in Saskatoon, which is his favorite spot in the city and proposed. He also brought a lock and we did the same thing in our city as we did in Europe.

Alex: Rikki’s reaction was unique. She was nervous the entire day as she had predicted something was going to happen. When we arrived to the location she was sick to her stomach with anxiety until I proposed. All of a sudden all of her anxiety disappeared. She was overwhelmed with happiness and excitement.

Alex and Rikki - 06
Alex and Rikki - 07

What do you think is unique about your wedding? We are bringing friends and family together from around Canada. We are both the first ones to get married in our families so it will be a first for both sides.

What is the most important thing to you about your wedding day? Exchanging vows, creating lasting memories, and having fun!

Alex and Rikki - 08
Alex and Rikki - 09
Alex and Rikki - 10
Alex and Rikki - 11
Alex and Rikki - 12
Alex and Rikki - 13
Alex and Rikki - 14
Alex and Rikki - 15
Alex and Rikki - 16
Alex and Rikki - 17
Alex and Rikki - 18
Alex and Rikki - 19
Alex and Rikki - 20
Alex and Rikki - 21
Alex and Rikki - 22
Alex and Rikki - 23
Alex and Rikki - 24
Alex and Rikki - 25
Alex and Rikki - 26
Alex and Rikki - 27
Alex and Rikki - 28
Alex and Rikki - 29
Alex and Rikki - 30
Alex and Rikki - 31
Alex and Rikki - 32
Alex and Rikki - 33
Alex and Rikki - 34
Alex and Rikki - 35
Alex and Rikki - 36
Alex and Rikki - 37
Alex and Rikki - 38
Alex and Rikki - 39


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